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We clean it as we mean it!

Are you expecting guests over at home? Are you worried about how you will clean the house before you move out?


Do you need a complete clean-up of your home before the festive season? At A&A Janitorial Services, we provide tailor-made premium residential house cleaning services. Our dedicated team of domestic cleaners offers high-quality cleaning services ranging from regular residential clean-ups to deep cleaning jobs.


If you stay in and around Fayetteville and North Carolina, you may hire our reliable residential home cleaning services to obtain sparkling results. Book your required service and relax. Contact us here for appointments and queries. 

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Explore our range of residential home cleaning services

At A&A Janitorial Services, we understand your commitments and do our best to match you up with a hand-picked cleaning team who understands your needs. Let us spruce up your home while you enjoy your peace of mind. Here are some of the residential house cleaning services our firm caters to:

 Regular domestic cleaning

Get your living, dining, and sleeping areas, bathrooms, and kitchens scrubbed clean and disinfected by hiring our professional cleaners.

 Deep cleaning

If it is a thorough home cleaning service you want, hire our deep cleaners to do the job for you. They will do much more than clean only the surfaces. Trust them to give a complete rubdown to all those unreachable and unattended nooks and corners of your home. All the accumulated dust and dirt will vanish from your property in no time.

  End of tenancy/lease cleaning

Whether selling your property or moving out, we help you leave the place in its original clean condition. Let us take care of the cleaning business while you attend to the other crucial shifting chores.

 Carpet and upholstery cleaning

Hidden dirt and dust in carpets and upholstery is a source of infection and allergy. Our professional cleaners use steam cleaners, hot water extraction methods, and dry cleaning techniques for the best results.

  Window cleaning

Eliminate unhealthy allergens and extend the life of your windows by employing our professional window cleaners. Periodically cleaning your windows will allow more natural light into your home.

   Post-renovation cleaning

Book our services and avoid the hassles of clearing up the renovation mess yourself. Our cleaners ensure a complete clean-up of your home to transform it into a refreshing liveable space.

Who can hire our services?

Homeowners who want to save time and energy can hire our residential house cleaning services. Anyone looking for cost-effective measures to eliminate dust and allergens from their home and sanitize their residential property can avail of our services.

Why should you hire us?

A&A Janitorial Services is your foremost choice in residential house cleaning services for the following reasons.

·        Availability of highly trained, licensed and experienced professionals

·        Use of specialized equipment

·        Seamless booking process

·        Economical rates

·        Comprehensive residential home cleaning services

·        Transparency in financial dealings

·        Customized services and easy rescheduling

·        Guaranteed customer satisfaction

How to use our services?

Follow these three simple steps:

  1. Contact us to receive a quote.

  2. Schedule an appointment and pay the deposit.

  3. Let our cleaners inspect the premises and start their cleaning job.

  4. Pay us the fixed amount (no hidden charges) by cash or card.


We make home cleaning hassle-free


A&A Janitorial Services lets you experience a thorough residential clean-up without disrupting your decor and property. Give us a try today. Contact your local cleaning expert now.

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